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[PSX] MDK TAS in 31:07.28 by Flip
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Author:  Egor305 [ 31 Jan 2015, 11:32 ]
Post subject:  [PSX] MDK TAS in 31:07.28 by Flip

Today I was bored, so I decided to watch some tool-assisted speedruns. I went to http://tasvideos.org/, and guess what I seen in latest publications? That's right, the first TAS for MDK got published just yesterday.

Publication on TasVideos
Direct link to encode at Youtube
(side-note: game is played without music because emulation problems)

For those who don't know what TAS is, go here
This run is kind of significant to me, because it's the first and so far the only TAS for any game in MDK series. And it's not only the first publication, this is first submission of such run.

But wait a second! Did you see that? Time: 31:01.28. 3+1+0+1+2+8 = 21. 21 is a power of 3. Also 31:01.28 can mean 31st Jan 2028, which is exactly 13 years from today. Number 13 also got digit 3 in it...
MDK3 CONFIRMED RELEASE DATE 31ST JAN 2028!! loljk, I should stop reading /r/montageparodies

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